Get Active !

The Community Better Challenge is a national physical activity initiative that encourages Canadians to get active in search of Canada’s Most Active Community. From June 1 – 30, 2021 participate in active to moderate physical activity. Log your active minutes to help West Vancouver become Canada's Most Active Community and win $100,000 for local physical activity initiatives. When you log your active minutes or play our scavenger quiz on the Heritage Club Games site you have a chance to win generous prizes from our sports clubs and businesses. 

Why getting active outside is key to your physical & mental wellbeing
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Visit ParticipACTION for age group movement guides, exercise videos, tips and tools. 
Log all "Move Hours" 

The challenge is open to all organizations, schools, sport groups and workplaces to participate and track their hours as a team. All group physical activity counts. Track your in-person or virtual group exercise classes, practices, events or even lunchtime walks.  Backyard play, gardening, wheeling, yoga, pilates, dog walking, walking club.... starting June 1. Every minute tracked goes toward your community’s score.

Registration information HERE.

Join the ParticipACTION Facebook Live Fit Session every Tues, Wed, Thur., during the Community Better Challenge. 

Each week focusses on an era 70's,80's,90's,00's,10's.  Dress for the era !