Frequently asked questions

Can I use the ParticipACTION App to track my personal physical activity hours?

Yes ! You have 2 options. Enter your hours on the HCG site and receive a chance to win prizes from our generous Sports Clubs and businesses. Or if you have logged your hours on the ParticipACTION App you will be eligible to win their prizes. Download the app at The App Store and Google Play.

Can I participate if I don't live in West Vancouver ?

Yes, you will be contributing to the West Vancouver goal of bringing home a win in 2021 ! Thank you !

Can we participate as a group ?

Yes ! The challenge is open to all organizations, schools, sport groups and workplaces to participate and track their hours as a team. All group physical activity counts. Track your in-person or virtual group exercise classes, practices, or even lunchtime walks starting June 1. Every hour tracked goes toward our community’s score.

Can I still register if I didn't start at the beginning of June ?

Yes ! Every hour counts. You are helping us bring home a win ! Thank you !

Can I enter the scavenger quiz if I am not logging active hours ?

yes, just download the Scavenger Quiz and enter your answers on our site.

Do I have to log my hours every day ?

You can log every day or you can enter your weekly total by the end of Saturday.