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Well, as the Olympics are in full swing, we wrap up the Heritage Club Games 2021


Our part in the West Vancouver ParticipACTION Challenge is complete; we were Second in Canada, so didn’t get the $100,000 national prize but we did win the provincial prize of $15,000 and are very proud of our efforts.   It appears the prize will go towards the new Place for Sport – West Vancouver Track.

Speaking of prizes, huge congratulations to the Monthly, Weekly and Scavenger Hunt prize winners !  See list below and a huge thank you to everyone who took part for their enthusiasm and support. 

When we hear “Sport builds communities”  what does that really mean?  We see people who are suddenly on their own, knowing that they have a group of friends they can play tennis with, or someone who is new to an area knowing they can turn up at the sailing club and instantly be welcomed and spend time with like-minded people.  Friendships grow when people work together to launch a sports club event and suddenly they have a sense of belonging to replace the isolation. 

In this pandemic, we would be surprised to find anyone who hasn’t realised the value of a social circle – so we continue to thank the heavens for our local sports clubs!  Hope to see you all next year and even more hopeful the H C Games will be real !  Thank you !

Prize Chosen
Christine M
Overall #1
WV Tennis Club Package
WV Foundation
Group Monthly Total #1
WV Football Camps
Sabine R
Group Monthly Total #2
10 Fitness Passes WV Rec
Jane A Team
Group Monthly Total #3
IGA/Red Lion Gift Cards
Merla B
Indiv Monthly Total #1
10 Fitness Passes WV Rec
Sharron W
Indiv Monthly Total #2
Jak's Beer and Wine Gift Card
Suzanne K
Indiv Monthly Total #3
WV Lawn Bowling Memberships
Paul, Cheryl, Rachael W
Group Week Total #1
WV Track and Field Duffle
Heather & Reg G
Group Week Total #2
Delaney's Gift Card
Robert & Deanne S
Group Week Total #3
Whitecaps Jersey
Naomi C
Indiv Weekly Total #1
Red Horses Gallery Gift Card
Ann C
Indiv Weekly Total #2
Bakehouse Gift Card
Mary M
Indiv Weekly Total #3
Hollyburn Sailing Club Membership
Rick S
Indiv Weekly Total #4
Temper Gift Card
Bill N
Fast Start Prize
IGA Gift Card
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Thank You!

Thank you 2021 participants and local sports clubs for your part in the 2021 Community Challenge.
See you next year !
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